Saturday, October 22, 2011

Island Teacher's Conference

Last week the TLC teacher's put on their fancy inshore clothes and headed to Rockland for the Island Teacher's Conference hosted by our dear friends at the Island Institute! The TLC teachers were asked to give two presentations about the TLC work we are doing with the outer island schools!
Our first presentation was about the aligned curriculum that the teachers (along with the help from our students) have developed for our schools.

We had a great turn out! There was a lot of excitement of how the TLC could work in bigger island schools! The collaboration possibilities are endless!

At the end of our presentation we had our teacher audience write down questions they had about the TLC. Can you guess which question came from our favorite Cliff Island teacher?!?! Look closely...

Yep, you guessed it. No other question really compares with the utter importance of THIS question. At least within our TLC.

For our second presentation we went over all the different technology we use within our TLC!
The best part of the presentation was that the kids were very much involved. Dalton and Quinn helped interview many of the island kids about how they use technology in the classroom. Then Dalton pieced the interviews together into a few movie clips that we embedded into a Prezi!

See the final product for yourself..

At the end of the Prezi we skyped in the Olders and Middles from Islesford for some Q & A! The presentation was just BURSTING with technology!

After TWO presentations our good lookin' group got together to do some planning and organizing. I know I may be biased I do believe we have the best group of teachers any island schools have ever seen!

I mean, how could you not LOVE these faces!?

Anywho, it was a fabulous conference with fabulous teachers. GOOOO TEACHERS!

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