Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Barter Thing

A Barter Thing

Michael Kenneth Barter 9/27/11
A seagull landed on the bow of the boat and starred at us. My dad, my brother and I were on the boat. We looked out on the sea and saw Jonny and Grampy they were lobstering too.
In the spring we get our traps ready and in good shape. All Barters fish. It is a Barter thing. The things you need to lobster are bait, traps, a boat, gas and your hands or a pot hauler. I love to go lobstering. We fish in the summer and the fall. We use a ninety horsepower boat and we haul by hand. It’s hard work hauling traps.
Isle au Haut has 13 adult fishermen and 5 student fishermen. We fish for lobsters, crabs and fish too, like flounder. We fish around Isle au Haut, Kimball and Merchants. Sometimes the traps get rocked. Rocked means the rope is stuck around the rock or a rock is on the trap. If you run over a bouy’s line it gets in your propeller. You have to cut the line and hopefully, if you can, tie it back on to the bouy and drive off carefully. Once your done hauling you put the lobster in a crate. Take them up to Stonigton and sell them and your done for the day.


  1. Michael! This is a GREAT piece. I really like the title and how you wove it into your story. I can tell you are really proud of your family and their love of fishing! Awesome job!

  2. Great to read your blog Michael! Sounds like your dad, granddad and great-granddad have taught you so much about lobstering. I bet they are teaching you the Barter secret to catching lots of lobster too! I went to school with your dad, but he never told me the secret.

  3. This is a wonderful blog, Michael!! Your writing was excellent and you did a fantastic job composing a clear story with a great theme throughout. I also really appreciate the educational value for your readers. I learned new things about lobstering that I did not know before. I hope that you continue to write some more blogs. I would certainly love to read more! - Alison