Thursday, December 1, 2011

November Update

Hello fellow followers!

Heres another update for the Outer Islands School Blog! Sorry for the delay, but A LOT has been happening out here. This last month of November has been packed with collaboration. So far we have had our first two student council meetings! Science has been a huge thing for the TLC. We have also been exploring history together.

Student Council has been a huge success. We have gotten plenty of things done. Sadly, our secretary, Fiona, had to leave us, so we swore in Patrick from Islesford! Congratulations Patrick! In our meetings we are deciding where to go for a field trip in the spring, and have decided to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. We are currently talking about many things in our meetings.

Space has been a big subject for all of us. Every two weeks each school hosts a assignment on a space like subject. At the end of those two weeks we share what we have put together via video conferencing units. We are currently studying black holes.

Yes, we have been exploring history, more specifically explorers. From Erik the red to James Cook, each student has been studying explorers from BCE to the 1700's. Some students even paired up with each other across the islands. This has not been attempted before. It worked out pretty well for all of us and we all learned a lot.

Keep looking for more updates! Thanks for following us :)