Friday, January 6, 2012

Secret Santa Party

Sorry everyone for another large delay for the Outer Island School BLOG! The month of December flew by our heads and sooo much cool stuff was happening. One of the islands' favorite activities was the Secret Santa Party (which was organized by our very own Inter-Island Student Council!) !!!!

Yes we had a party through a video conferencing unit. How cool are we? Before I get to the partying let me explain how we did it. Each school picked another schools name out of a hat. No one knew who had them, but they knew who they were giving presents to. The rules were you couldn't spend over ten dollars. This forced all of us to be creative and make something. I cannot recall every little thing the schools made for each other, but it was an ingenious idea. All the schools had around two weeks to make, find, and send the presents. Another thing we couldn't forget to do was make sure each kid got something, this was crucial for the bigger schools. (cough) Islesford (cough).

Anyways, after we all got our packages we hooked up via video conferencing units. Names of islands were pulled out of a hat and Matinicus went first. So many things came out of every box that I can't recall what everybody got! Isle Au Haut went next, and Islesford came after that. Cliff opened there box and was followed up by Monhegan. Each box had something different for everyone. It was a successful Secret Santa Party.

But wait, we couldn't have ended without a dance party!!! We LOVE our dance parties!

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