Friday, November 4, 2011

Ropes Course, October Inter Islands field trip

On Thursday October 27th, 2011 we got to see and take part in a ropes course. We were at the University of Maine, Orono. Earlier that day we had got to go rock climbing at there rock climbing gym. Everyone had a blast there, and we got to see who was part monkey. We also got to see the Planetarium which was breathtaking. I had been here 2 years earlier on my first MSR, (Middle School Retreat), but I was still impressed by the campus.

After eating at the college cafeteria we headed for the ropes course which was the real treat. I had never been to a ropes course before and I don't think that many others had either. When we got there we played a team game. This was passing a hula-hoop around the circle without letting go of each others hands. We were then split into two groups that went to do different activities. Group 1 went the balance board. Everyone had a partner and had to switch with them without making the board go all the way to one side. Meanwhile Group 2 got to go high in the trees on a high wire and/or a balance beam which looked more like a log. I have to admit I thought Group 2 had the better starting activity. While Group 2 went through their activity, Group ! had to leap frog over one another across a log without falling off. Then the groups switched. Group 2 went and did what Group 1 just did. Group 1 split into two groups. everyone who wanted to do the high wire and balance beam got to do that. The other people got to do another activity. I did the high wire and was by far the most exciting part of the trip for me.

Sadly it ended and we had to go back to the bus. A lot of us had never really ridden in a school bus. We went back and had tacos/burritos for dinner and then a halloween party to finish the trip off. I wish I could have written about the whole thing, but I'll leave the other details to another student. Thank you again and again Anne Bardaglio! We would never be experiencing these great field trips if it weren't for you!

- Daltini :)

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